With this course, which is the first part, you will:

  • Learn how, using Python and Keras, you can create your first simple Deep Learning (which in this part will be created to at least be able to predict really similar images to what was used for training) model for classifying images by following the lessons, engaging with the exercises and taking the quizzes
  • Understand how to evaluate this simple model and learn how to identify when it is over-fitting
  • Learn about some of the different steps needed for solving a machine learning problem

So, what does Beta means?

  • It means that I haven't created all the content for the course yet, I am still defining the details for some sections and I am in the process of recording the videos as well
  • So if you want to support me and help me giving me feedback about the sections so that future ones are better I really appreciate it!
  • It means that the course has a reduced price because of that
  • it also means that if you want everything to be there on day one then it would be better for you to wait until the course is ready
  • It means that the course is not yet finished, I have designed a big part of the course but most of it is not yet recorded which has some advantages

Hi, I’m Manuel Gutierrez

I am a software developer with more than fifteen years of experience creating different kinds of applications.

An AEM certified architect and developer, also AWS Certified Associate Solutions Architect and Certified Machine Learning Specialty

I am experienced in coaching and guiding people learning new concepts

I also have a YouTube channel in which I publish technical videos

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